Getting started


Welcome warrior It will take 10 min. not more

Hello guys,

First of all thank you to choosing this Alpha app,

intelligenza is a PHP MySQL open source project GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

This is an app to manage your own data, members and access, multimedia, social network, your labels, products and more, this app works with your own data base.

To fight against GAFAM we have to keep our data at home ;)

You choose what and with who you share your informations, connecting with others local app

Everyone should have personally his own app, you could install it on your own online server or on your local computer! (require WAMP or MAMP or LAMP Mac Windows Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP environment)

Although this app works online with internet connection it works also in local without internet connection! but :) you have to define it

If you have installed the app online and your are the developer you can save the data in real time in your local db

  • Step 1. Copy and past the Alpha folder on your online host or your local server

Usefull to Manage Your
  • Own personal Data and multimedia (photo, video, audio)
  • Members
  • Labels
  • Products
  • Services
  • Connect with others local circles
  • Make easly local commerce
  • Open your web radio
  • Own website
  • ...

Core inside
  • Intelligent Login Logout with remember me and limit of connection time
  • Blacklist if max three attempts fails, login, signup, contact
  • Reception scripts, sign up, lost password, change email or password with limit of process time
  • Double Authentication
  • Limit Age
  • Captcha
  • Scripts Anti Hack
  • Demand Secure Password or/and Email
  • Blacklist Pseudo and email
  • Banned Words
  • Personal Secure and Private Space
  • Languages Handler and manage country
  • Personal PHP function you need
  • Free Geolocation until 1000 requests/day
  • General Stats and charts
  • Intelligenza App
  • SEO and Responsive Friendly
  • Develop and Add all modules you need
  • Limit access to App (back office)
  • Framework Audio SoundManager 2 integrate
  • Files Sharing
  • Notifications
  • Block Right Clic and Selection
  • Active Accept Cookies
  • Personal Algorithm to crypted infos in DB
  • Cron Tasks
  • Backups
  • ...
  • 2. Create the five database and users for (online or/and optional local)
    • "intelligenza" for the app.
    • "alpha" for the team alpha
    • "modular" for all modules you need or/and develop
    • "knowledges" for keep all your knowledges at home
    • "backups" for security and be sur
  • 3. upload the existing tables from the /backup_sql/ folder
    • install at least the file "intelligenza.sql" for the app
    • a member with Administrator rights is already inside and you'll connect with to start
    • user :
    • pass : fight
  • 4. set the file "inc.core.connectDB.php"
    • you can find it here, path: /admin/scripts/inc.core.connectDB.php
    • in this file you have manually to define if is a local or online project : $ifLocalApp = false; // or true
    • Fill in those variable for the five DB
    • VALUE_host
    • VALUE_port
    • VALUE_name_db
    • VALUE_user
    • VALUE_password
  • 5. set the file "inc.core.settings.php"
    • you can find it here, path: /admin/scripts/inc.core.settings.php
    • fill in the four minimum settings required to launch the app at the bottom of the script
    • Optional. set the ".htaccess" file
      • you can find it here, path: /infos/htaccess/.htaccess
      • then put it to the root at same level that the pages 404.php
    • 6. one time you've do that, delete the folder /infos/ from your host
      • Keep it on your localhost
      • Smile! we've already won
      • The worst security fail is human
      • Enjoy your minimum intelligenza App
      • Join the development task force on GitHub


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